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Mitigate risk with advanced asset and liability management.

Data doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. Measure and manage risk while maximizing profit with Kinective’s enterprise-level data optimization platform, Risk & Compliance ALM (formerly OmniLytics).

Asset Liability Management, Done for You

Concerns and oversight on risk are only growing in today’s market of heightened regulations, interest rate environment, increased fraud, and pressures to reduce costs. Everyone’s got day jobs—and in most cases Asset Liability Management isn’t typically part of it.

Kinective provides risk management solutions for community financial institutions complete with a subject matter expert for support at every step. Quickly measure and model risk while maximizing profit with our well-validated interest rate risk management and reporting ALM (formerly OmniLytics) suite. With a robust data conversion and validation process, most modeling data can be imported and then validated in a matter of minutes. Additionally, our affordable solutions include consults with senior analysts to explain your results, answer questions, and provide recommendations.

Features & Benefits

Asset Liability Management (ALM) is a critical tool to manage interest rate risk and liquidity risk faced by banks and other financial institutions. It is the practice of managing various risks that arise due to repricing and cash flow mismatches between the assets (loans and investment) and liabilities (deposits and borrowings) of the bank or credit union.

Kinective consults our clients and provides solutions for:

Interest Rate Risk

Determine how changes in interest rates can impact your earnings and equity valuation, posing potential risks to be prepared for.

Liquidity Risk

Assess how well your financial institution can fulfill depositor needs during a run or deposits by examining this critical measure.

Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL)

A new Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) requirement that models historic loss rate calculations as well as adjustments for both current and expected future conditions.

Credit Stress Analytics

Forward-looking credit loss estimates on a loan-by-loan basis.

Fixed Income Accounting

We model how much premium to amortize each month by forecasting what the future cash flows of the bonds will be in different interest rate environments.

Additional ALM Modeling

o Consumer Behavioral Studies
o Non-Maturity Deposit Decays
o Product Pricing Sensitivity
o Loan Prepayment


Strengthen your IRR and Liquidity systems for regulatory exams

Kinective’s ALM team provides top-tier consulting and modeling to prepare your board for upcoming regulatory exams. It’s important to review your IRR and Liquidity policies annually, at a minimum. If you’ve experienced any of the following, it’s a good time to bring in a consultant, like Kinective.

• Significant change in balance sheet composition
• Significant change in business strategy
• Entrant of a new significant competitor
• Radical changes in the interest environment
• Changes in customer behaviors

Survival of the Safest ALM Webinar

Strengthen your IRR and liquidity systems for regulatory exams

“Kinective ALM is just a great product, regulators seem to like it and like how we are utilizing it. We are always encouraged by their positive feedback of our process and feel Kinective and ALM deserve much of the credit.”

Jane Long
SVP/Chief Administrative Officer | Roxboro Savings Bank

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