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One connection to best-of-breed fintechs.

With Digital Connectivity Bridge (formerly OmniConnect), easily connect your core with best-of-breed fintechs to scale digital transformation, modernize operations, and increase client delight.

Access the largest library of integrated fintech solutions

Transformation sounds great on paper, but hard to make a reality with legacy tech stacks and outdated infrastructures. The hassle of switching cores or burning through in-house dev hours to integrate systems can be a slow, time-consuming process.

To thrive in today’s modern, digitally-focused world, you need one connection to scale your transformation efforts quickly and securely. Kinective has the connections you need. Our Digital Connectivity Bridge (formerly OmniConnect) solutions give you control by bridging the gap between legacy systems and modern digital services through 80+ turnkey fintech integrations across 99% of US-based cores.


Process loans faster and ensure data integrity with automated workflows.

Kinective’s Quick Bridge (formerly Express Boarding Module) automates the entire process of transmitting loan data, connecting your loan origination system (LOS) to your core servicing system seamlessly. Say goodbye to hours of manual work, and hello to instantaneous loan boarding.

• Minimize operational expenses through automation
• Ensure data integrity with advanced verification tools
• Process loans faster with automated workflows
• Enhance borrower interactions with accurate data
• Simplify document management with automated tracking
• Mitigate compliance issues with built-in checks


Streamline workflows exactly how you want.

Enjoy complete customization with our Document Bridge (formerly Document Connector), which automates the upload and indexing of loan documents into a document imaging system. Loan data is used to create a consistent, detailed index for each of your documents, streamlining your workflows and saving you time and money.

• Reduced manual document workflow time
• Simple interface makes it easy for your team to navigate
• Customizable user interface
• Easily log file detailing document transfers, pending items, document status, and milestones


Simplify your loan accounting steps and save countless hours.

Kinective's Balance Bridge (formerly GL Connector) streamlines the accounting workflow by automatically generating general ledger entries from your financial institution's loan origination system. This drastically simplifies the loan accounting steps and saves countless hours of re-keying data.

• Automate processes and reduce training time and expenses
• Increase data quality by eliminating re-keying errors
• Customize based on your unique needs and regulations
• Customizable reporting available

Features & Benefits

Fintechs and financial institutions can better protect, connect, and optimize data to increase revenue and profit while reducing their exposure to cybersecurity threats with Bridge.

Connect your core to anything

Connect any application to your core system. Implementing an enterprise open API solution with Kinective will ensure a consistent customer experience across digital and mobile applications and in-branch channels.

Stand up a new system quickly

Integrate and connect any application to your core system within just 90 days.

Offload integration management

Automating your connections with Kinective ensures that your investment in APIs will never be disrupted if you change core systems.

Stay flexible, stay vendor agnostic

Update your processes with software and services that are compatible with many different platforms or operating systems so there is never anything lost in translation.

We're tried and true.

Kinective has over 25 years of experience in financial technology. Because of our extensive expertise in integrating fintechs with traditional financial institutions utilizing APIs, we help financial institutions deliver cutting-edge products that adhere to the most stringent industry and regulatory requirements.

“The Bridge solutions really cut down our upload time. In the past we would have to upload everything manually. Lending Bridge cut down our implementation time from 2 hours to about 15 minutes.”

Teresa Thompson
AVP Loan Operations Manager | First Commonwealth Bank

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