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Make data-driven decisions on purchasing, deploying, and servicing cash automation and self-service machines.

Knowledge is power. iQ gives you that.

Financial institutions invest millions of dollars in technology, yet struggle to gain insight into how those investments are performing.  Lack of visibility can lead to added costs, downtime, and wasted efforts. IQ gives you actionable data in an easy-to-read dashboard, helping you make business-critical decisions.

Features & Benefits

Gain visibility of hardware to make informed decisions.

Make calculated decisions

Optimizing your cash automation starts with getting a clear picture of what’s working - so you can fix what isn’t.

  • Available devices

  • Devices in use

  • Usage by day

  • Usage by side

  • Usage by denomination

Limit downtime, reduce maintenance expenses

Proactive and preventive service features based on real usage statistics keep your machines up and running.

  • Preventative maintenance alerts to avoid breakdowns

  • Error tracking to identify problem devices

  • Automated service outreach

  • Proactive service requests

  • Errors logs to increase first-time fix rate

Customized for staff needs

iQ is cloud-based and enables anyone within the financial institution to view and analyze the data across branches.

  • Set multiple user levels and roles for enterprise or branch-level views

  • Personalize dashboards for each individual user

  • See staff performance and who needs more training

  • Customizable newsfeed widgets

  • Customizable chart widgets

Improved cash forecasting

  • See how cash is flowing through the branch down to denominations

  • See how much cash is at each branch location

  • Eliminate unnecessary and expensive armored truck deliveries

Your partner in decision making

Access valuable insight that enables entire organizations from c-suite to branch management to make smarter decisions on purchasing, deploying, and optimizing entire cash device fleet.

“I would not have had this information without leveraging iQ. It was so quick to look at, the information was right there, and it was very eye-opening. I would absolutely recommend iQ to any financial institution. It provides the data right in front of you. The data is easy to understand, easy to monitor, and is right there at your fingertips.”

Rhonda Drexler
VP, Branch Operations & Resource Center | CoVantage Credit Union

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