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Migrate high-cost transactions to self-service.

Integrate kiosks directly to your banking core, allowing for full, assisted, and self-service transaction capabilities and real-time client access to funds with Branch Automation Kiosk (formerly GENIX).

Automate without compromise

As the cost of transactions soar, how can you migrate to more efficient self-service channels while still delivering a personal touch? With Kiosk (formerly GENIX). Kiosk integrates kiosks directly to your banking core, allowing for full transaction capabilities and real-time client access to funds. This kiosk solution helps reduce overhead costs by minimizing the reliance on staff to complete costly simple transactions.

Plus, with assisted-service and full-service functionality, Kiosk helps you migrate to more efficient channels without sacrificing the personal touch needed to engage clients. You can meet clients where they are while still gradually introducing self-service in your branches.

CapEd Credit Union Modernizes the Member Experience

See how this credit union used Kiosk (formerly GENIX) and other Kinective solutions to create a hybrid self-service and high advisory environment.

Features & Benefits

Dealing with limited transaction sets, running self-service through expensive ATM channels, and clients frustrated with branch self-service options? Kiosk (formerly GENIX) is an effective integration solution to those problems.

Migrate Transactions to More Efficient Channels

Offload high volume low value transactions to a kiosk.

Supports Self, Assisted, And Full-service Transactions

Allow clients to self-serve and step in using Serve (formerly NOMADIX) when needed.

Integrates with Modern Hardware

Drives modern and user-friendly cash devices.


Give clients the freedom and flexibility to self-serve and save time.

Limited self-service transaction capabilities and lack of integration is the #1 reason self-service initiatives fail — it’s time to change that with Kiosk (formerly GENIX).

• Log-in using debit card, driver’s license, or biometrics
• View account activity
• Print account history and receipts
• Deposit cash and checks
• Withdraw cash in any denomination
• Make change, to the penny
• Print cashier’s checks
• Transfer money between accounts
• Pay bills
• Request associate assistance
• And a lot more!

“Kinective has been and is a great partner when it comes to adding self-service to branches. They have a unique understanding of banking and they’re open to requests for new functionality. Their support has been one of the best I’ve ever worked with.”

Anna deLeon
Business Analyst | CapEd Credit Union

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