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eTeller Check21

Next level Check21 processing

Take Check21 processing to the next level

Dramatically reduce fraud traditionally associated with depositing checks. With eTeller Check21, paper checks are truncated directly at the teller window during the original deposit transaction, collecting the data and seamlessly uploading to the core system.

EChecks prints laser-generated official, temporary, and starter checks, as well as money orders, without having to pre-print and store checks or forms.

Features & Benefits

Teller Truncation

Eliminate downstream paper check handling by starting image capture at the Teller line.

Reduce Fraud

Real-time check validations to radically reduce deposited item risk.

EOD Balancing

Stay in balance throughout the day. Reduce end-of-day balancing.

Less Keystrokes

Eliminate entering transaction data manually while also improving accuracy and efficiency.

Cash Letters

Send ECLs to one or multiple EndPoints for streamlines clearing.

Consumer Centric

By reducing your staff’s time spent handling check deposits, you have more time to spend with clients.

“Our staff loves the system because of its ease-of-use and intuitive design. They can process member transactions quickly and efficiently with no delays, and now have the added assurance that it will automatically identify any suspicious activity and immediately flag the transaction and alert the employee. Within the first weeks of rolling out the system, we mitigated fraud losses while adding an additional layer of security, protecting the credit union, and our members.”

Lynn Carr
VP of Member Services | Greater Iowa Credit Union

“Our previous branch capture process was outdated and required too much end-of-day balancing time and effort from our tellers. Kinective’s eTeller Check21 was a game-changing improvement on how we capture, archive and subsequently research checks, institution-wide. We now have a streamlined teller transaction process while reducing keystroke errors. Additionally, we can detect non-negotiable items or ones without proper MICR information immediately; this all takes place in a paperless environment enabling us to realize significant efficiencies across all departments.”

Robin Moore
VP, Process Management | CCUE

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