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Your path to paperless.

Branch Automation Receipts (formerly eReceipts Plus) is an advanced digital receipt solution for the modern consumer experience. Enables consumers to sign receipts on their mobile device and deliver completed receipts via email, SMS text or print to meet consumer preferences.

Signed, sent, delivered (your way)

Old-school receipt processes holding you back? Kinective’s modern eReceipts technology takes the client experience out of the stone age and into an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform.

Generate digital receipts in real-time, making the client experience simpler and safer than ever. Kinective Receipts (formerly eReceipts Plus) removes the dependency on receipt printers and all of their associated costs by enabling clients to receive and sign through digital signature pads, electronically, or conveniently from their smartphone. Elevate your client experience with Receipts.

Transform your client experience, one receipt at a time.

Enhance drive-thru and call center experiences

Capture signatures through smartphones

Integrates with virtually all cores

Features & Benefits

The retail banking landscape is shifting fully digital. With almost 1,700 banks and credit unions using our digital transaction solution suite, our customers are able to elevate the client experience while streamlining back-office processes (we call that a win-win).

Digital Signatures

Members can sign deposits or withdrawal receipts digitally, through signature pads or tablet-based signature capture.

Efficient Archiving

Generated eReceipts are automatically stored as encrypted, indexed electronic documents in an imaging/ECM system.


Ditch the traditional hardware costs and replace them with the latest advances in cloud-based services from Microsoft. You’ll save on administrative and upkeep costs while streamlining workflows.

Offline Capable

Staff can continue processing transactions in off-line mode, making it possible to give outstanding service even if the core system is unavailable.

Embedded eSignature Capture

Clients can review and sign directly from their device with our unique, patent-pending embedded eSignature software.

SMS/Text Delivery

Receipts offers the added convenience of receipt delivery through text messaging. They still prefer paper or email? No worries - our platform gives the freedom and flexibility for clients to choose how they want to receive receipts.

Drive-thru and call center efficiency

Enhance drive-thru and call center efficiencies for staff and clients alike.

“During the Pandemic, we made the transition to Kinective Sign and that was paramount to our success. Adding Receipts is the next evolution of our digital strategy, amplifying the member experience yet again by enabling members to electronically sign transactions in real time, regardless of their location. The entire transaction is completed digitally in a matter of seconds.”

Kelly Olesen
IT Specialist | Financial Plus Credit Union

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“Receipts will be a game-changer for our members and employees alike. In addition to the added convenience and improved overall experience for our members, we will also be able to complete more transactions, faster with improved accuracy. The drive-thru will now leverage our members’ mobile device instead of relying on pneumatic tubes to transfer paper, enabling us to completely eliminate paper-based processes.”

Christine Wiley
CEO | Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union

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“Receipts saves a tremendous amount of time and resources required to complete transactions. Additionally, we will now be able to more effectively complete transactions with members conducting business outside of our geographical footprint.”

Derek Horton
CTO | Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union

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