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eReceipts Plus

An advanced digital receipt solution for the modern consumer experience. Enables consumers to sign receipts on their mobile device and deliver completed receipts via email, SMS text or print to meet consumer preferences.

Signed, sent, delivered (your way)

Old-school receipt processes holding you back? Kinective’s modern eReceipts technology takes the client experience out of the stone age and into an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform.

Features & Benefits

With almost 1,700 banks and credit unions using our digital transaction solution suite, our customers are able to elevate the client experience while streamlining back-office processes (we call that a win-win).


Ditch the traditional hardware costs and replace them with the latest advances in cloud-based services from Microsoft. You’ll save on administrative and upkeep costs while streamlining workflows.

SMS/Text Delivery

eReceiptsPlus offers the added convenience of receipt delivery through text messaging. They still prefer paper or email? No worries - our platform gives the freedom and flexibility for clients to choose how they want to receive receipts.

Embedded eSignature Capture

Clients can review and sign directly from their device with our unique, patent-pending embedded eSignature software.


Transform your client experience, one receipt at a time.

Traditional receipt solutions have not been able to address electronic receipt signing in a drive-thru scenario. Now
with eReceipts Plus – the drive-thru consumer can be texted the receipt to their smartphone – review and sign the
receipt directly on their device – and return the completed receipt back to the teller.

The call center is a popular engagement channel for consumers to leverage when transactions need to be completed remotely. For those that require a signature on the transaction to complete, the embedded signature capture in eReceipts Plus offers a way to digitally complete the transaction during the original phone call.

Even for those consumers entering a branch or in-person environment can use their own personal device to sign
receipts without having to interact or come into contact with “publicly accessed” signature pads used by others
before them. In today’s “touch sensitive” environment, eReceipts Plus delivers yet one more advantage from our
patent-pending embedded signature capture technology.

“During the Pandemic, we made the transition to IMM eSignPlus and that was paramount to our success. Adding eReceipts Plus is the next evolution of our digital strategy, amplifying the member experience yet again by enabling members to electronically sign transactions in real time, regardless of their location. The entire transaction is completed digitally in a matter of seconds.”

Kelly Olesen
IT Specialist | Financial Plus Credit Union

“We believe eReceiptsPlus will be a game-changer for our members and employees alike. In addition to the added convenience and improved overall experience for our members, we will also be able to complete more transactions, faster with improved accuracy. The drive-thru will now leverage our members’ mobile device instead of relying on pneumatic tubes to transfer paper, enabling us to completely eliminate paper-based processes, while maintaining a touchless, safe environment for our members.”

Christine Wiley
CEO | Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union

“The biggest driver for us launching IMM’s eReceiptsPlus is the significant benefits it will provide to our members, especially those conducting transactions in the drive-through. Currently, we have a pretty manual process in which we have to send generic, paper-based receipts back and forth to members to complete transactions, however, with eReceiptsPlus, that entire process will be automated and completely electronic. This not only substantially improves the overall member experience, but also saves a tremendous amount of time and resources required to complete transactions. Additionally, we will now be able to more effectively complete transactions with members conducting business outside of our geographical footprint.”

Derek Horton
CTO | Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union

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