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Enhance your check flexibility and security.

Branch Automation Checks (formerly eChecks) prints laser-generated official checks and money orders “on-demand” without having to pre-print and store anything.

Enhanced security and streamlined processing

Checks are decreasing as a standard form of currency, so Financial Institutions need to be more strategic with how they process and store them. Kinective Checks (formerly eChecks) prints laser-generated official, temporary, and starter checks, as well as money orders, without having to pre-print and store checks or forms.

Eliminate the need for pre-printed official check stock:
• Prints on blank paper
• Eliminate risk
• Print multiple check types on-demand

Streamline authorized signatures:
• Automated selection
• Business-rule based

Seamless integration:
• End-to-end electronic transaction
• Auto-index non-negotiable PDF images
• Self-store option with Checks search tool

Features & Benefits

Laser Print Checks

Completely eliminate physical check stock with our on-demand laser printing capabilities.

Automated Official Signatures

Automatically apply official signatures to critical documents based on pre-determined business rules.

Intuitive Experience

Our seamless integrations with most core systems make for a simple experience for clients and teams.


Say goodbye to risk associated with physical check inventories.


Archive copies of checks and keep them securely stored for future use.

Versatile Check Designs

Choose from a variety of check and account type options.

Why 2,500+ banks, credit unions, fintechs and cores trust us.


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